Kristen's Cookie Company Case

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Introduction and SummaryIn the given case study, "Kristen's Cookie Company," me and a roommate are to prepare and start up a fresh cookies business in our imaginative on-campus apartment. The cookies aim to the students who crave freshly, out-of-the-oven cookies during the late night. I have to keep in mind that I have to evaluate the preliminary design for the company's production process to figure out many variables, including what prices to charge, if I am able to make a profit, and how many orders to accept. In the next couple of paragraphs, I will provide the prices and the rules of the business, answer the questions at the end of the case and analyze the baseline data for the product or service discussed in the selected case to identify improvement opportunities. In addition, I will establish performance requirements (quality, time, cost, customer satisfaction) for process improvement and identify the top three process improvement opportunities.

Furthermore, I will determine if these improvement opportunities can be applied to our workplace.

Prices, Rules and Questions-Open Monday-Thursday from 7pm-11am-Cookies are only sold by the dozen-Price per dozen: $3.50-Cash only-Orders can be taken as early as 6pm and last orders can be taken by 10pm-Our business does not bake any cookies before receiving the order-Buyers will telephone his or her orders and specify which of the ingredients they want in their cookies-All sales are final-Cookies are ready to pick-up within an hour1)How long will it take you to fill a rush order?It all depends on how much a customer orders by the dozen; however, I will base it by one dozen cookies. There are several step in filling a rush order and they all consider time in processing the cookies. For the washing and mixing steps, it takes six minutes, for dishing up the...