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Standing at one hundred and fifty one centimeters and weighing slightly under a hundred pounds is my inspiration and pure motivation. Her natural black hair cut sideways at the front as fringes, is enough to cover her spacious forehead and tuck her right eye away when she converses with her habitual but subtle head gestures. The bruises on her knees and lower back show signs of dedication to her new found love, break dancing. Quitting was never a word that came out of her delicately glossed lips and accordingly words of encouragement cascaded out of her mouth like a waterfall of motivation. She can be as graceful as a ballerina but sometimes she can seem tough enough to look like she can beat every boy on the block. Her inner strength surpasses her striking exterior and her source for this abundance of inner strength is beyond me.

From childhood to present day, my sister, Kristina had always provided a crying shoulder and she was a sugar-coating comforter.

My trying times were supported with her words of comfort that blanketed me like my mother's two hundred dollar JC Penney quilt on a cold, rainy day. With carefully maintained creased eyebrows of sympathy, she would reach out for a long, warm embrace and with her angelic face, one would forget life's troubles and momentarily sail through a happy realm of brightly colored rainbows and white, fluffy clouds. When a sulky frown is placed upon my face, she would distort her face, stretch and tug at her limbs just to generously share her child-at-heart attitude.

Inspired by the Harajuku Girls, a group of four famous trendy Japanese girls, my source of comfort comes with a wardrobe of creativity. Anyone who looked in her closet would be dazzled with the brilliant colors and...