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Олбэн and Anns returned home to London, they there were not for a long time. Having reached hotel, Olben has gone to a bar and has charged Ann to disassemble suitcases and to prepare for a supper. But instead Ann has called the porter and ordered to lower its things in a hall. Villages in an armchair also began to consider the further plan of action. At it in a head details of the last several weeks have emerged.

Олбэн was the chief of Daktarsky district, it has been kept very away, and to reach there was problematic. Between it and a city where the administrative centre took place, was not neither cable, nor telecommunication. But it was pleasant to Ann. It it was not boring, they went for a drive on a pony, consulted on the river for some weeks, enjoyed the nature. In district Olbena did not love, it was the intellectual.

And and the governor it very much enraged local residents, but Olben did not pay to it attention. Anns opposite, very much loved, but she played a role of the good-natured little fool, not high growth, and with kind eyes. Though it was very clever.

At Olbena were light and meanwhile not thinned hair, blue eyes and slightly yellowish complexion, usual for blondes after they lose white-pink freshness of early youth. On cheeks there was no flush. The noble head well planted on enough long neck with a little outstanding Adam's apple.

Ann sat on a verandah and Olbena by a dinner waited. When it has come it has played on the piano and they have proceeded to a table. Their dinner has interrupted the shouts reaching from street, Olben has jumped out on street, Ann has proceeded behind it.

- What is the...