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The mission statement of Kudler's Fine Foods mandates the company to provide customers with the finest foodstuffs, wines, and other needs in an unparalleled consumer environment (Kudler). In order to accomplish this mission Kudler's has instituted a 12 month growth strategy. Kudler's plan is to increase customer loyalty by offering high-margin services, leveraging the firm's better understanding of customer purchase patterns, and providing more efficient operations. Profitability will also be increased by cost reductions accomplished through supplier partnering programs. New customers will be acquired through social network marketing and word of mouth (Kudler Fine Foods).

Impact of a Project Delay

The coupon IT project and coupon marketing program is an integrated component in attracting new customers with discounts and by direct marketing of products at consumer events which coincides within the marketing's test group. If the project falls behind schedule, countless customers could be lost due to the late release of discount coupons.

In addition, when the project falls behind schedule overtime hours and resources will need to be transfered from other projects which will in turn jeopardize the success of those projects. The project's current task delay will affect the time line of an independent task in the schedule. Currently, this project's schedule appears to have slipped. In order to make up for the lost slack in the schedule, an increase in resources maybe required. This is contingent on whether parallel tasks also fail to be completed as scheduled, but with the new schedule's updated task time line no special action is required at this point.

Impact of Late Implementation

The project, if implemented late, will impact the sales of the promotional items that the coupon program has been intended to boost sales for. Depending on the type of product, there may be an expiration date or shelf life...