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Kudler Fine Foods was established in 1998 and is currently owned Kathy Kudler, which has created a site that allows shoppers to select the freshest ingredients for gourmet cooking. Kathy is passionate about cooking thus the creation of Kudler Fine Foods. Reasonable prices coupled with the convenience of one-stop shopping its purpose of providing online access to various ingredients and tools. Stores are vastly spreading in California with locations in Lo Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas. Their success is truly measured by the excellent customer service and the fact that there are few to no competitors in their market. Their objective is expand so Kudler Fine Foods idea is to create a Frequent Shopper Program, which will now use a customer rewards program that will monitor customer purchases allow for better feedback from it's customers.

Frequent Shopper Program

The Frequent shopper program is basically a loyalty program, which will benefit both the consumers as well as Kudler Fine Foods.

This program will award frequent shopper points for redemption and in turn provide inventory management tracking customer purchases. This will allow Kudler Fine Foods to also gather statistical information and to observe patterns as well as purchasing trends. This Program will be implemented in all locations and employee training will be provided concerning use and software updates. A successful upgrade should raise revenue over time by learning from the data retrieved from customers.

The Company's IT department now has to insure that this upgrade is feasible. The new Frequent Shopper Program should integrate seamlessly into the workflow without any major problems. The program will be developed as an enhancement in the existing system. With this new program installed the concern lies with Security issues, all customers information will be confidential to ensure the integrity of Kudler's clients. Focusing on...