Kudler Fine Foods Communication Plan

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Kudler Fine Foods Communication Plan

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Communication Plan

Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) are providers of the finest collection of quality foods and wines. The advertising objective within this communication plan is to be cost-effective while communicating the KFF message to the correct demographics in a timely manner and displaying the unique advantages the company offers their customers. A blend of methods and media will be required domestically and internationally for KFF's launch of fine gourmet foods. Advertising, personal selling, and public relations are the major forms of communication to be used. Advertising in both the domestic and international markets will include the aggressive use of signage and flyers in their stores. Public relations articles to build eagerness about shopping in Kudler stores are ideal for international advertising and communications. The communications plan includes evaluating advertising and promotion programs for the new product, the technology trends available to help market the product, compare and contrast the marketing communication strategies for both domestic and international markets and an explanation of differences.

Also included in the plan is the evaluation of factors involved in developing and managing an effective marketing communications plan for the new product (University of Phoenix, 2010).

New product advertising and promotion programs

KFF must consider the object of its marketing plan, which is to show the target audience the quality of its product and introduce them to the new line of German food imports. For this reason, the brand should focus on reminder and informative advertising. Reminder advertising focuses on 'reminding' the consumer of the nature of the brand; KFF can focus on the established quality of its gourmet products and services. Informative advertising seeks to educate the consumer about new products, whether it's...