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Team CCMGT 575 - CIS Project ManagementUniversity of PhoenixKudler Fine Foods - Coupon ProjectKudler Fine Foods is a local food store situated inside the San Diego city area that makes every effort to live up to its mission, which is to provide customers the very best foods and services feasible. The company launched a project to increase its promotional sales. The project would use the company's customer database to generate a newsletter with coupons for promotional products and other sale products.

Team C was contacted by Mrs. Reynolds, Director of Store Operations, by form of a service request. Team C analyzed the project and found that the project was only completed to step 8 of the project plan, determine coupon requirements and was already behind schedule. Behind schedule, Mrs. Reynolds feared the project was at serious risk of failing and had sought for aid from Team C to get the project back on course.

The conversation with Ms. Kudler explained her desire to "gain improved activity on promotional products and determine the effectiveness of private label coupons" (Service Request SR-kf-001, 2008).

The objective of this project plan narrative report is to ensure a solid understanding of the actions Team C has taken in updating the project plan and to ensure the project plan will stay on schedule. Team C has examined the project constraints identified the requirements needed to put the project back on course.

Project Plan UpdateAccording to the memo from Yvonne Reynolds, she believed the original project plan was not detailed enough which lead to the halt of the project in the analysis stage.

The first problem with the original project was the lack of detail in the first two steps of the system development life cycle: planning and analysis. A project charter should be established during the...