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IntroductionKudler Fine Foods is leading the way in the local gourmet food market; pairing food with good experiences has proven success. To add to this success, Kudler is adding organic produce from local growers. Fully developing this opportunity will include updating the marketing process as well as updating the current purchasing process by fully utilizing the purchasing manager in order to streamline the supply chain. This streamline process will include Kaizen ideas as well as a just-in-time inventory supplied directly from the field. These processes will increase the overall value of Kudler to the market in which they operate.

Operations ManagementBuy organic! That seems to be the mantra of the day and a growing trend. The benefits of organic foods have been studied by the US Department of Agriculture and the US food and Drug Administration. These studies have shown that organic foods contain on average 30% more anti-oxidants than conventionally grown food (Hancock 2007).

The benefits of choosing organic foods have caught on and Kudler Fine Foods is adding to their suppliers in order to include this new product in their stores. In order to take full advantage of the organic market, Kudler will need to look at their marketing plan or processes and purchasing process, identify weaknesses in their supply chain and implement new quality controls in order to fully succeed.

Business Processes at KudlerKudler Fine Foods has seen success. They have expanded from one location to three. They have shown growth in each market as well as gained customer loyalty. They have developed a strong marketing plan set at identifying their company with the issues of self-actualization in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs by offering value added services like cooking classes with celebrity chefs, frequent flyer miles for purchases and other high end perks. However, they must now...