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Sales Organizational Plan: Territory Management PlanIntroductionWithin a company there needs to be a close relationship between the sales force structure and the strategic marketing and sales force planning. The organizational structure plays an important role in the strategic planning of a company. This structure is a control-and-coordination mechanism. (Spiro,Stanton, & Rich,2004). According to Shapiro (2002), if marketing and sales do not cooperate, the company's strategy will be inconsistent and weak; and execution will be flawed and inefficient. Kudler Fine Foods Incorporated understands the need for a cohesive relationship between its sales and marketing teams. The organization is looking to expand its business by adding a gift basket department. In order to be successful with this new product, the sales and marketing departments will have to work closely. This paper will address in detail the organization of the sales and marketing departments and how these departments function. Another area that will be discussed is the reporting system of the sales force and how this department and the total organization will contribute to the success of Kudler Fine Foods, Inc.

TerritoryTwo of the main departments for a company are the sales and marketing departments. Oftentimes there can be some confusion on what the difference is between these two departments are and what their specific job duties are. Sales are defined as “operations and activities involved in promoting and selling goods or services” and marketing is defined as “the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service” (Merriam-Webster Online. 2007). For Kudler Fine Foods the marketing process would involve the research and development of the gift baskets that are going to be put up for sale. This will be a new product for the company and every effort needs to be made to make sure research is completed on...