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Kudler Fine Foods wants to deploy a Frequent Shopper Program for its valued customer, while still capable of meeting the desires of the company. As with any new system which must be developed, the scope and goals of the project must be properly outlined, measures by which we may determine the success of the project must be defined, an analysis of the total feasibility of the project must be made, along with a properly created set of requirements that will be met for the completion of the program.

ScopeKudler foods need a system that customers can create an account over the internet to keep track of their purchases and also allow the customer to login and manage their account to track their points and redeem them for rewards. With an account system, Kudler could find out what products are in demand and see what products are favored by the customer.

The functions of the new system will have to be able to gather and store information on the customer. The system has to allow for the customer to login and view and manage their account to redeem points earned. The goal of this system should be to gather information on customers purchases and rewarding the customer for their loyalty by enabling them to login and manage their account to see how many points they accumulated and giving them a means to redeem for rewards. The system in the end needs to have all these aspects of gathering information and allowing the customer to manage their purchases and help the company to see what products are in demand and generate more revenue.

Supporting Measures for Success"These frequent shopper programs have revolutionized the way many retailers have started to do business and this has led to a positive trend in the buying...