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Kathy Kudler, the owner and operator of Kudler Fine Foods; has expanded to several areas in California by opening a new store in Carlsbad, California (Kudler Fine Foods, 1998). The store initially has three sales associates, one assistant manager and one general manager who reports to the VP of sales. With the new sales team Kathy would be able to try a new sales team idea, in which the three sales associates and two managers would work together as a team unit to win bigger commissions. Each store consists of the following departments: Produce, Bakery, Cheese, Wine and Meats. Each Department would include a sales associate who is trained to answer any and all questions regarding his or her particular department, also possesses a basic knowledge of other departments.

The restructured method of operating the new store would require a moderate knowledge if the job counters as well as sale skills.

The sales associate must have cooking/baking experience, perform the best menu recommendations and have a working knowledge of food temperature and storage. The better the employee recommendations are the better the cliental and commission would prosper. Other basic qualifications include:Demonstrate positive leadership style by providing a positive, enthusiastic, flexible and committed attitude.

Skills to maintain and supervise an effective and efficient restaurant in all food departments.

Recognize and understand customer's requirements and needs.

Encourage the benefit and importance of effective teamwork.

Must have the Ability to budget awareness, encourage efficiency, commitment to quality and company standards.

The skills to work with General Managers to set priorities and standards.

Submit purchase orders for products and supplies.

Ensure all procedures and processes are followed.

Ability to generate fresh and innovative ideas to improve the department, a good attention to detail and grasp new concepts quickly.

The assistant manager position is to...