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Kudler Fine Foods Company was started in 1998 by Kathy Kudler. Kathy liked gourmet cooking and found that no store carried the foods or products that she needed in order to make her gourmet dishes. Kathy who had no experience in operating a gourmet store, decided to open her first store in LaJolla which is located in California. Two years later, store number two opened in Del Mar, then a third in Encinitas. The LaJolla and Encinitas stores have been doing very well unlike the Del Mar store which is having some difficulties. The probability of difficulty of the Del Mar store is the population size which is 4389. Even if the median household income was high in Del Mar, the store would break-even. In the case of the LaJolla store, this is quite profitable because the population size is 44424.

Kathy pretty much oversees all the stores with the assistance of a manager, assistant manager, cashiers and part-time staff to operate the store.

Kathy does the buying for all 3 stores and buys in bulk. With the time that Kathy spends buying products and spending time at each store as well as pulling the perishable products off the shelf, she has no time to personally interact with her customers. This was Kathy's way of marketing to find out what her customers' liked and disliked. The advertising for Kudler is done with flyers that are inserted into the local paper and distributed to restaurants but because this is done infrequently, sales are not on a steady rate. Another direction that Kudler's is heading is in catering. Brochures are available in stores for catering services and this has been a profitable service. This is another way that Kudler's can establish new customers because individuals', who have attended the catered...