Kuiper Leda Supply Chain Defense

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Kuiper Leda is a manufacturing facility specializing in ECUs and entering the RFIDs market. The corporation has been successful in negotiating contracts with a large supplier. This offers Kuiper Leda a challenge of meeting the new demands, since they were currently operating with an antiquated supply chain. Kuiper Leda has been challenged by the distributor to improve their supply chain processes to ensure contract performance. "The challenge is to make certain that a quality program really does have a customer focus and is sufficiently agile to be able to make improvements quickly without losing sight of the real-time needs of the business," (Chase et al., p. 338). Kuiper Leda has revamped their supply chain defense by developing a new supply chain strategy, which includes managing vendors and material acquisitions, the production and outsourcing strategy, and a total quality management program to focus on finished goods inventory management to minimizing overall waste.

Additionally, Kuiper Leda has set practice standards to measure the success of the new implementations. By focusing on these improvements in the supply chain and measuring the effectiveness of these programs, Kuiper Leda has positioned themselves to continue to meet the customer demands while ensuring fiscal responsibility to the shareholders.

Kuiper Leda Supply Chain Defense Kuiper Leda's supply chain has to evolve with their business growth to maximize shareholder wealth and satisfying the end customer. By developing a supply chain strategy, Kuiper Leda has positioned the corporation to manage peaks and troughs in the material flow cycle to support customer service while minimizing inventory on hand for better asset management. "Material flows include both physical product flows from suppliers to customers through the chain and reverse flows via product returns, servicing, recycling, and disposal. Information flows involve order transmission and delivery status. Financial flows include credit terms, payment schedules,