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NIRVANA Nirvana was considered one of the greatest bands. However, they went through many problems with drugs and records. Even just getting the band together was a difficult situation.

Before Nirvana got together Kurt D. Cobain was in several other bands.

Kurt then found Chris Novoselic and started the band in 1987. They then found David Grohl who would drum Nirvana to their success. Nirvana is making music for about 2 years and then cut a deal with Sub-Pop Records. They released their first album "Bleach" in 1989. Both the band and fans thought it was too loud and too much like heavy metal.

One reason for this was that Kurt's skills weren't fully developed yet. They then release three singles after "Bleach." Nirvana then left Sub-Pop Records. They were then signed by Geffen Record Company. They then release their best album "Nevermind" selling 250,000. " Nevermind" captured more fans than "Bleach."

It sounded more like punk than metal.

The album knocked Michael Jackson off the charts. Kurt's skills developed along with the other members of the band. The band won several awards. "Nevermind" ended up certifying platinum. They also won awards for best music video.

Cobain put a lot of meaning into his songs. He wanted the meanings of his songs to be hidden in a way. Courtney Love then heard his music and met Kurt. They dated and then Kurt and Courtney got married. Cobain and Love ended up having a child named Francis.

Courtney Love was currently the lead singer of "Hole" the band . She is still with the band. To this day she still misses Kurt.

After "Nevermind" the band came out with two more albums. One called "Incesticide." The other was called "In Utero." By this time Nirvana had loads of fans.

Mostly because...