Kurt Donald Cobain's life

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Kurt Donald Cobain was born in Hoquiam near Aberdeen

,Washington. His mother was Wendy and his father was Donald Cobain.

Kurt was born on February 20, 1967. Kurt died on April 5,1994.

Kurt was bright and receptive boy who had an interest in music

from the early age of two. He had a Mickey mouse drum set that he

beated night and day, Kurt's aunt Mary gave him his first guitar lesson ,

found that he couldn't sit through a whole lesson pretty much like any

six or seven would not. Kurt's parents took him to see a specialist to

diagnose his problem. The specialist said he was hyperactive and

prescribed Ritalin, a type of amphetamine. This was the beginning of a

life of drug use, abuse and dependence for Kurt.

In 1975, Kurt's parents divorced. When they separated Kurt

moved in with his mother. This was the start of a series of moves from

relative to relative.

This caused a great deal of stress for Kurt and he

became secluded.

Kurt expressed his inner thoughts and emotions through music, by

listening and empathizing with bands such as Black Sabbath and the Sex


While in high school Kurt met Buzz Osbourne and Matt Lukin of

the Melvins, musical heroes and inspirations to Kurt. Also while in high

school he met future band mate with Nirvana, and many other groups,

Krist(Chris) Novoselic. Krist was an immigrant from Croatia and he

and Kurt became friends instantly. Later Kurt and Krist formed Nirvana

with Chad Channing as drummer and recorded Bleach in 1989 for only

$600. Channing was replaced with Dave Grohl, now of the Foo

Fighters, who went on to record their other five CD's as Nirvana's new


Drug were easily found for the youths living the town. Kurt was...