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How to find out if a metal is silver?Silver is a chemical element with the symbol "Ag". A soft, white, shiny transition metal, it has the highest electrical conductivity of any element and the highest thermal conductivity of any metal. Most silver is produced as a by-product of copper, gold, lead, and zinc mining.

The element that will not react with any acid is gold. Gold is the least reactive metal in the reactivity series. Silver comes after gold. Silver reacts very less with acid. This is because silver has equal numbers of protons and electrons on the shell of the element. If you add hydrochloric acid to silver, you should see no reaction. There would not be a reaction or a very small reaction because silver is the second least reactive metal in the reactivity series. Reaction shown below:Silver + Hydrochloric acid → Silver chloride + HydrogenAg + HCl2 → AgCl2 + HHow to find IronIt will be very easy to find out which is iron.

In the group of lists, the only magnetic metal is iron. So iron can be found out by using a magnet.

How to find out if a metal is CopperCopper can be found by adding it to lead nitrate. By adding copper to lead nitrate, there will be no chemical reaction taking place because copper is below lead in the reactivity series.

Copper + Lead Nitrate → Copper + Lead NitrateCu + Pb(NO3)2 → Cu + Pb(NO3)2How to find out if a metal is ZincZinc can be found easily. First of all get zinc and add it to lead nitrate. If a reaction takes place; that means that the element that you added was zinc. This happens because zinc is higher than lead in the reactivity series.

Zinc + lead nitrate →...