Lab on how plant cuttings (Dwarf Periwinkle and Sage Bush) grow in different envorments.

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My Experiences working on this Experiment

My experiences working on this project were very interesting. The hardest part was the tedious process of measuring all the plants for four weeks. Finding a place where the plants could find sun light with out getting wet by the sprinklers was a tricky process. I ended up moving a table from the courtyard to the backyard to set all my plants on. Going to the library and searching for a magazine article on my subject (plant propagation) was also tricky. After a long search my mom called me and told me she happened to have a magazine on plant propagation from plant cuttings. To my surprise she was not kidding, here was an article in sunset magazine on how to take leaf cuttings and make plants out of them. This helps a lot in my background research of my subject. In the end after I finally printed up my final draft on the Sunday afternoon before it was due, a sense of pride filled my body.

I did this project all by myself and I was proud of the outcome.


The meaning of an experiment is to determine the efficacy of something previously untried (, 2002, search? q=experiment). Dwarf Periwinkle cuttings will grow better than Mexican Sage Bush cuttings in new environments such as pebbles and water, soil, and sand. The dependent variables, being an observed variable in an experiment or study, whose changes are determined by the presence or degree of one or more independent variables, are Mexican Sage Bush and Dwarf Periwinkle. The independent variables are the environments: water and pebbles, soil, and sand. This experiment was intended to see if plant cuttings could grow in other environments to save dying plants. This experiment has great value because it potentially...