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Suzy Chen


Narrative Essay

First Year Writing Seminar

Waiting for My Time to Shine

The darkness is overwhelming. Since the day my owner brought me to this girly, pink room, I feel more and more useless everyday. I have been standing upright in a small box for too long. Once in a while, a bright light appears from above me and more of my colleagues get pushed alongside me. This box is getting too crowded, and I can feel myself drying up, gradually becoming unusable. But I have to stay strong. I am standing tall in this dark, gloomy box with all my peers, competing with them, patiently waiting for my time to shine.

We come from all kinds of backgrounds. I am from Essie and so do many of my co-workers. Essie is not an ordinary nail polish brand. The precursor of our family, Essie Weingarten, is an enthusiastic and energetic woman who is dedicated to creating flawless nails.

My siblings and I have great reputations because we provide perfect long-lasting coverage, shiny fast drying coats and other exclusive services that enrich, protect and strengthen nails. Each of us has a unique, charming, whimsical and distinct name that shows off our personalities. My name is "Waltz". I am simple yet elegant. My two closest sisters are "Prima Ballerina" and "Ballet Slippers". We get intense and competitive when we stand next to each other because we look very alike.

I am honored to be a member of the Essie family but right now I am feeling depressed and hopeless because my owner has not picked me for her nails for so long. I have a picky owner. I am considered lucky compared to some of my friends who are also anxiously waiting to be selected and have...