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Andrew Graham

Luis Mitchell-Labrie

Julianne Opperman

Foundations of Science CP Period 4

3 March. 2014

Balancing Chemical Equations


The reason for this experiment was to figure out what happens in a chemical reaction between Aluminum and a Copper Chloride (CuCl2), water solution in the setting of a lab. Also we were to understand why the reaction happened the way it did.


When conducting this experiment, there are multiple pieces of information that you should know. One being that there are five major types of reactions that can happen when chemicals are combined. The reaction that happened in this experiment was a single-displacement reaction. A single-displacement reaction simply means that there is a compound and an element before the reaction as there is after the reaction. Only, after the reaction, the element has taken the place of the element in the compound with the same charge. Elements can also form ions, this is when an atom gains or loses electrons to become stable.

Also, the bond formed between the two elements in each compound is called an ionic bond and is formed between a positive and negative ion. On another topic, it's useful to understand why we use moles as a unit and what they are. As defined by a Gale scientific database: "It is defined as the same number of particles of a substance as there are atoms in 0.012 kg of carbon-12." The reason scientists use this number is because it's referred to as Avogadro's number and is equal to 6.022137 x 1023. He was an Italian physicist who is credited to first discovering the concept of Molecules. Another concept that is helpful to know for this experiment is how balanced equations work and how the law of conservation of energy relates to it. A...