Lab report on the effects of rolling a cd car down an incline.

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The purpose of this lab to be able to derive an equation that could be applied to a real life situation. Do this by first building a car using a box, four CDs as wheels, and dowels as axles. Then obtain a ramp and measure a length on it to use as a hypotenuse on a right triangle. Then select a height and measure it to calculate the angle of the ramp. Then, using the CD car, obtain data to calculate the acceleration at different angles. From these calculations, it is possible to develop an equation that can be applied to other situations.


1. Obtain a ramp

2. Measure a distance on the ramp to be used as the hypotenuse and mark the start and ending points so that this distance will remain constant, record distance

3. Set the ramp at a certain height, measure and record data

4. Set the CD Car at the starting point and release

5. Time the car's travel time from starting point to ending point record data

repeat 5 times

6. Repeat steps 3-5 five more times and record data

7. Calculate the angle for each height and record data

8. Calculate average time for each height

9. Using time and the hypotenuse as the distance, find acceleration for each of the times using the formula d =Vi t + ½ a t2

10. After finding the acceleration for each time graph the effect of sin theta on acceleration using the computer


Trials on Ramp

height 1 height 2 height 3 height 4 height 5 height 6

height (m) 0.355 0.420 0.650 0.940 1.087 1.230

hyp (m) 2.025 2.025 2.025 2.025 2.025 2.025

angle 10.097 11.970 18.723 27.658 32.465 37.402

trial 1 (s) 1.61 1.60 1.34 1.09 1.01 0.83

trial 2...