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University of PhoenixMGT/431 - Human Resource ManagementNovember 12, 2009.

This writer will define unions, labor relation, and their impacts on organizations. In addition, this paper will touch on the campaign, the election, contract negotiations, grievance handling, arbitration, labor relation, and strikes. Many organizations today are concerned with establishing positive and effective relationship between management and the union. Therefore, Human Resource managers whom foster positive labor relation must familiarize themselves with federal laws governing unions.

The purposes of establishing an organized labor were design to protect employees from unfair often-harmful business practices. Prior to this movement many employees were subjected to unsafe working condition, long working hours, and limited time off. Employees spoke out against these working conditions and demanded a union, someone to represent them against management. "Union is defined as, an organizations formed for the purpose of representing their members' interest in dealing with employers. Labor unions represent workers interest and the collective bargaining process provides a way to manage the conflict.

In other words, through system for hearing complaints and negotiating labor contracts, unions, and managers resolve conflict between employers and employees." (University of Phoenix, 2002) For examples, More than 616,700 postal employees are covered by union contracts; the American Postal Workers Union represents about 270,640, and the letter carriers union represents about 224,775. Controlling the cost of mail delivery is a key management issue for the Postal Service. Mail is delivered to more than 144 million homes, business and other places in the nation, primarily by city and rural letter carriers. (Barr, 2006) This writer is a member of American Postal Workers Union, and or about December 7, 2006, the union fought on the behalf of it members to improve and renew a tentative four contract. The newly elected contract is the best its members have...