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Years back a group of workers joined together to form a Union, the Union gave the workers the right to make the proper improvements of their jobs. For many years the Union has fought for the right of workers; providing safety and security to the employee. Issues that involve the Union are benefits, pay and working conditions. "Organizations formed for the purpose of representing their members' interest in dealing with employees. Unions have a role because some degree of conflict is inevitable between workers and management" (Noe, et. al, 2007). Discussed in this paper is the following: Unions and Labor Relations will be defined, their effect on organizations, the effect of changes in employee relations strategies will be examined, and last but not least Are Unions still relevant in the United States will be answered.

The first Union was formed about a Century ago, when a group of workers protested about the need of safety and security while at work.

That is when the workers joined together and formed the Union to fight against working long hours, bad working conditions, and low wages. Workers then realized by joining together and bargaining as a group more strain is placed on the employer to make the proper changes needed for the employee.

Effect of Changes in Employee RelationsUnions have greatly impacted the employee relations sector. The compensations and work conditions for both the Union workers and non-union workers have been substantially impacted. Impacts such as: seniority based bonuses, lower wages, improved working conditions, gives more accountability to the managers and increases the communication between managers and employees.

The Union has minimized many problems for companies, such as: strikes, and costly problems like law suits. The Union makes it possible for the employer and employee to know their rights. When situations arise...