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Labor union can be advantageous for those who are disenfranchised and for those who do not have the powerful supporters. The union always fights on behalf of workers who should enjoy the privilege of employment fair treatment and decent living. We addressed LPNs rights in regards in forming a union. LPNs have the right to organize a labor union according to the 1935 National Labor Relations Act which might helps LPNs to participate in collective bargaining, strikes, and any other activity to support their petition or claim (NLRA, 2009). Due to the lower compensation and fewer benefits the LPNs receive, our firm advised LPNs to unionize; however, the LPNs got to choose whether or not to form a union through specific indications and actions. LPNs were informed that the federal and state labor laws protect their employment rights if they choose to unionize. According to (Woytinskey, 1953), the advantage of unionizing could be economically beneficial for members regarding the pension plans, a variety of training opportunities, and higher wages.

Additionally, an employee, covered by a union contract is no longer under the standards of employee at will. Unions deal with workers' benefits such as healthcare coverage, vacation, and sick pay by improving and securing their working conditions. Through proper union representation, it can also improve job security with fair and independent grievance appeal process (Verma, 2005). Disadvantages of unionizing are few comparing to the advantages; joining a union can have its impact on employees such as union dues and strikes when required. Through the official permission of a labor board, certified union can put a pressure on employer to respond to the negotiation on behalf of a group of employees known as a bargaining unit (NLRB, 2007). the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations advise employees that joining a...