Labor Unions Past And Present

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In today's world labor unions and labor movements have many strengths and weaknesses.

Laborers make up one third of the nations economy. The other two parts of an economy are land and capital. Without labor the nations economy would fail and ultimately the nation would fail. Laborers are the workers that every business needs to function. They are the aspect of every job or career. Workers want to get what they deserve since the have such a large task in doing there job to run the economy.

" I regard people just as I regard my machinery. So long as they can do my work for what I chose to pay them, I keep them, getting out of them all I can." The workers were not respected. The workers were treated like machines. Like machines the workers were expected to do their job for countless hours and never fail. Workers were worked until they broke, injured, and when they broke they were replaced by another worker and the same thing happened to them.

The workers couldn't talk, they didn't get brakes, they couldn't complain to there boss because they were afraid of being beaten or fired. To the wealthy business men the workers were not worth as much as their profit. The workers were forced to work twelve to sixteen hour days, seven days a week for the amount their bosses wanted to pay them, which was next to nothing. Workers started at and early age as young as five. The workers risked their lives every day by working in hazardous and dangerous conditions. Something needed to be done.

The workers realized there importance and stood up for their rights. They organized labor unions that sought hire wages, better working conditions, and make their job more beneficial. These unions took...