Lack of funds!!! This essay covers why the goverment should fund more in the public schools.

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Government funding for public schools is very limited with so many schools in the United States today. I know this from experience due to the fact that my high school was poorly funded. The lack of funding affected my education by lack of teachers, honors classes, and a variety of subjects being taught.

Having a shortage of teachers affected my education by not letting me get the one on one time that was needed for me to better understand what was being taught. Another reason not enough teachers affected my education is because I never got a full lesson. Since they had so many classes they did not have the time to teach a subject to the full of its context. Having a subject halfway taught is like having taught someone to just loop one of their shoe strings which makes it pointless because they can not tie their shoe.

Another reason my education was hurt due to lack of funds is because my school could not have honors classes. I could not have the more educated classes to take. So my high school was not able to challenge me past my education level. This does hurt my education because I will not be full prepared for college.

The final reason my education was hurt due to lack of funding is the variety of subjects to take. I never had the opportunity to explore all my interests. This hurts my education because it leaves so many of my doors in life shut because I do not know they are even there nor do I know how to open or explore them.

The government should form an assoication especially for the funding of public schools in every town that has public schools. This association would raise money from various fundraisers...