Lady Macbeth adn Lord Macbeth's relationship and how it changed through-out the story

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The relationship of Lord and Lady Macbeth is rather awkward; they are very close but their love is very strange. It is made well known to the readers and listeners, that the two love each other very much by the way they act at the beginning of the play; but they do things that makes it seem weird. At the beginning of the play when we are introduced to Lord and Lady Macbeth, everything seems to be going fine and Lord and Lady Macbeth communicate very well, by shareing ideas and telling each other things, as most couples should, but throughout the play this breaks down. There are a lot of things that neither one of them understands about the other one and at different times. Lady Macbeth uses her persuasive ability which makes her the stronger character because she knows how to use her husband's weaknesses and strengths against him.

Macbeth has weaknesses and one of them is standing on his own so he gives into Lady Macbeth most of the time, but he is not aware that she knows him as well as she does, so throughout the play she uses this power to achieve what she wants, such as him being king so that she can be queen.

When she reads the letter from the witches about her husband she becomes very powerful because she knows more than she is supposed to. Even with the witches telling Macbeth that he will be king; Lady Macbeth proves that she is the one wearing the pants in this relationship when she convinces Macbeth to kill the king, Duncan. Lady Macbeth wants Macbeth to kill Duncan so he can be king but also so that she can be queen. Lady Macbeth has a vision of murdering Duncan herself...