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Running Head: Lake Lanier Water Wars

Lake Lanier Water Wars

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Lake Lanier Water Wars


The lake Lanier is one of the most favorite lake exist in the America, this has been snuggled in the foothills of the mountainous areas of blue Ridge Georgia. Around over 7.5 million people this lake has been chosen by many people and they even visit there for the enjoyment and this place is really very good and comfort zone for the enjoyment. As this lake possesses greenish property in terms of plants and this is too much beautiful because it is just like aqua-blue water; there is also a variety of recreational activities. They were extremely outstanding and sometimes it looks much cold just like a painter or artist design the scenery. This all above 692 miles of shore line. In 1940s this lake Lanier was constructed. This Lake Lanier is the most favorite Lake of the American people.

It has been constructed by the army of United States. This army also called corps of engineers.

Talking about the period of 1990, 2002 and 1997 this lake was nominated and not even just nominated, but this lake Lanier was finally won the pride as an award for the extremely beautiful and best operated lake ever.


One Water War, Two Basins and Three States

The copious resource in the water form, it also appears in the east of south. This resource has very broad uses like for the fish industrial uses, protection of flood, life exiting wildly management of the wild life, municipal, recreation, navigation, irrigation. In metro Atlanta this has been observed that the explosive growth in the population exist and this is of around 1950. The quantity if measured then we will find that one half million people...