In the Lake of the Woods

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"John Wade's political loss ignited his disturbed state of mind. To what extent do you agree with this statement?"


John Wade's state of mind.

John's current state of mind has been affected dramatically, and is at a disturbed state. He constantly shouts out random things such as "kill Jesus" as a way of reacting to his state of mind. It is the past events that have caused him to develop an unhealthy relationship with his wife Kathy, which seems too loving and too obsessive for a love of two couples. Also due to these past events such as the traumatic experiences in Thaun Yen, and the harsh time with his father, the unusual actions and outbursts that John carries out such as killing the plants with boiling water, chucking away the telephone, and shouting out things such as "Kill Jesus" are his way of combatting his issues and releasing his built in rage, anger and insecurities.

The actions that led to the Vietnam War and to take part in politics were his way of receiving love from people, and to feel accepted and popular, in which he lacked all those as a child. His plans were crafted perfectly all to help him gain what he lacked in his life and in his childhood.

What events and things led to the deterioration of his mind?

The first sign of deterioration in John Wade's mind was when he lacked a relationship with his father, due to the large amounts of abuse that he would receive as a result of his father's alcoholism. He lacked a proper fatherly figure, and when the devastating event of his father's suicide unfolds, John is left helpless, to hide all the negative things in his life and to imagine up things the...