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1 Jobless Rate Surges to 5.4 Percent The Washington Post November 2, 2001 The article examined contained information regarding the United States unemployment rate. The unemployment rate has increased by 5.4 percent since the terrorist attacks on September 11. Everybody has been hit by this increase in lay offs. This group contains women, men, and teenagers of every race. The number of part time workers in the job market has increased also due to the lack of full-time jobs not available. According to Glenn Hubbard, it is too early to see if the United States is heading to a recession.

The main focus on this article dealt with the subject of the unemployment rate increasing since the September 11 attacks. In a macro aspect of this situation companies may hesitant to hire new employees which leads to high unemployment rates. In addition, to the added increase in unemployment status the loss of a job to family entails that there will be no income coming in to provide goods and services to that family.

2 Proposed Sales Tax Holiday Generates Interest, Concern Washington Post November 2, 2001 This article examines a proposal to cut all sales tax on purchases made through November 23 to December 2. This cut will help increase holiday sales. There are however opposing sides to this issue. Some experts add that this sales cut will hurt the state budgets then actually helping them. A key issue in this article stated that every states has a different sales tax, so some states would benefit from this tax cut and others would not.

This article in related to the macro level of direct spending. With direct spending the money is going to end up as quantity supplied. These goods and services that will be available to consumers are...