A lame narrative story based on the game Everquest.

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Warrior Gone Unheard

As I first opened my eyes, I saw grey stone walls with black streaks. The ground was covered with four inches of pure white snow. I was standing on a ledge. Just below and in front of me lied a pit where two people stand. I saw Lysbith McNaff standing to the left. She was wearing fine plate armor and wielding a deadly sword in her right hand. Her long brown hair hung over her tunic covering the sides and back of her neck. I hailed her from where I was standing, but got no response. I briefly examined my surrounding environment and discovered a pathway to her. I began walking towards her hailing her until she finally responded. She firmly spoke "Hail! Ye've come to serve Halas, have ye not? We're the Wolves o' the North and it is our task to defend our city from harm."

I asked her "What is Halas?" She said "Halas is surrounded by barren arctic tundra. We've many foes. Among them are the orc trooper, ice goblins and the ever-present polar bears. I asked her "What are orc troopers?" She replied "The Wolves o' the North show ye no ill wil, but there's much ye must do t' earn our trust. Perhaps ye should inquire o' the gnoll bounty." I obviously proceeded and asked "What is the gnoll bounty?" She responded "I've placed a bounty on the gnolls o' Blackburrow. Their whelps have invaded our land and we must carry the fight into their dens. Join the fight and return three gnoll fangs as proof of yer victory in Blackburrow. Do so, and earn the respect o' the Wolves o' the North." I questioned her "How come throughout our discussion you've been looking at me nervously?" She then directed my...