Lance Armstrong: It's not About the Bike.

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There is a very particularly memorable character in this book and his name is Lance Armstrong. After reading this book, I found that Lance Armstrong is one of the most extraordinary men I have ever heard of. I've been a fan of Lance before I read this book since he won his first Tour de France but now I am an even bigger fan of him. This book is an autobiography of Lance. Lance told me his whole life, from when he was born to present time. The one thing he couldn't tell us is that after he wrote the book he won the Tour de France four more times in a row, he is now tied with someone for the most Tour de France victories.

Lance had been a champion ever since he was a little boy, smoking the competition in every event he raced. His mom encouraged his cycling and did anything to help him.

Lance and his mother are very close and would do anything to help each other. When Lance was a little boy he would ride his bike everywhere, no matter how far the distance was. That tells you how much of a fan he was of cycling. At the age of 13, Lance was earning $20,000 a year from winning races and from his sponsors. Lance put that money towards helping his mom with anything she needed; he would also use that money for new bikes and parts.

Lance had two fathers when he was younger. One was his birth father that left him when he was born. His second father was Terry Armstrong, who Lance hated and wished he would die because he would abuse him and he cheat on his mother. After a few years of marriage Lance's mother and Terry...