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Yuchen Liu

ENG 110-03

21 August 2014

Permit to Hunt Rhino Auction Triggers Off Protests Debate

A news from the National Geographic which was published on October 28, 2013. It is reported that a hoping on raising money for protesting Rhino was proposed by a group called the Dallas Safari Club. They attempted to auction off the chance to kill an endangered black rhino-ceros in Namibia for one hunter. This permit sold for 350,000 dollars in Dallas on Saturday that year. By using this license, the person was allowed to kill a single, post-breeding bull, and before killing, Namibian wildlife officials would ensure an appropriate animal which would die for. Perhaps this permit would bring over 250,000 dollars after that auction. They said the hunt would benefit to manage the population and supply an underfunded. After this announcement had set off, the whole world began to debate.

But it was repeatedly come under strong criticism on most of people. As the report presented, "more than 75,000 people signed an online petition at to stop the sale, saying black rhinos cannot be protected if they are allowed to be killed". Also many critics pounce it, " ' If we are going to put a price tag on the most endangered animals in the world, we are going to go down a very dangerous path' , Pacelle said".

Actually this article has already presented a clearly stated viewpoint which is we have another way to deal with the conservation issues. A subtitle "Conservation Outrage", which contains two opposite words, but in fact they are antinomy and untie in this article. Although some people agreed with the permit auction, I also know many people were in a dilemma in the field. However, I am still...