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Deaths and injuries due to land mines is a growing problem in the world. Land mines are explosive devices that are designed to explode when triggered by pressure or a trip wire. When used by armed forces the purpose of land mines is to disable any person or vehicle that comes in contact with it by an explosion of fragments released at high speeds. However, many of these land mines are buried under ground where civilians can not see them. Land mines are a problem in the world today.

Although the mines were once placed in remote areas, growing population had pushed civilians into the path of destruction. A vast majority of land mines are not cleared because soldiers did not report where they had put them. Also due to costly labor to find and remove the mines properly is a reason many mines till exist. Worldwide there are approximately 20,000 deaths and injuries per year due to land mines. Among the effected could be a girl gathering fire wood for her family or a group of young boys running through an open field. While land mines are used for military actions, 90% of impacted are civilians. Though land mines are found worldwide, one of the most effected countries is Cambodia.

Since 1979, more than 40,000 people in Cambodia have been effected by land mines. Cambodia now has one of the highest physical disability rates in the world, because of land mines incidents. In Cambodia, a militia group known as the Khnew Rouge has planted many of the countries land mines. Even though the Khnew Rouge knew how harmful the land mines are, they still planted them with no signs of detection. Though many people believe land mines are rendered inactive after so many years, they can still explode 50 years after they have been planted. When a land mine goes off the person in harms way could end up with different disabilities. Some include loss of limbs, spinal injuries, psychological trauma, and death.

In Cambodia, civilians will find and some times even make there own land mines. Many people use them to protect their property from robbers. Although these land mines are used to protect homes and families, many of the land mines end up killing innocent children. It has also been known for people to use land mines to settle disputes. People will plant land mines hoping that they will go off causing harm. Poachers will often use land mines to hunt tigers. Tigers in neighboring countries of Cambodia are seen as elite. However, after the poachers kill a tiger they will leave the remaining land mines behind.

One way of helping the land mine problem in the world is by controlling the manufacturing of the item. Some of the land mines that were found in Cambodia and in other countries in the world have been made in the United States, China, and Germany. If these countries would make sure of the purposes the land mines have in other countries it would make a superb difference. It would take an extensive amount of time and money before the land mine problem is fixed. However, hopefully the world can come together and realize that this is a major problem. The improper use of land mines is an issue that needs to be taken care of immediately.