The Land of Opportunity.

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Americans have been troubled with their rights for hundreds of years. Throughout

time, America has had trouble coping with change. Minorities have been blasted with

discrimination and has proven to have left our nation debatable on whether or not we

are all granted equal rights. One of the prominent controversies often cited in politics is

the rights of homosexuals in our society. Homosexuality has prevailed over several

thousand years and was practically a way of life in ancient Greece at one point of time.

Present day, it is a very controversial issue that has left society with two different

opinions. Conservatives and Anti-homosexual followers believe that gays are enacting in a

sinful romance while others understand it as being more of an issue dealing with public

acceptance. Granting rights to homosexuals must be ensured in order to achieve a society

with equal human rights.

The rights of homosexuals in today's society is vivid example of America being a

hypocritical nation.

"In 1993, Colorado voters approved a constitutional amendment that

excluded gays and lesbians from all anti discrimination laws and policies in the state

(Constitutional)." It was a direct violation of the rights that America guaranteed under the

Declaration of Independence. Equality is always an arguable issue in 'the land of the free'.

It's an ironic situation since it is stated that all men are created equal with certain

unalienable rights. The Bill of Rights was created to grant humans more rights and yet

gays are still fighting severely only to be treated equally. African Americans have won the

battle of equality, numerous anti-discrimination laws have been passed, women have been

given suffrage, and yet gays are still being held back by society. Throughout history,

change in society has never come easy. During the early 20th century, homosexuality was

viewed as...