Land Rover Case

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Land Rover Case

After an extensive research regarding consumer demands for SUV's - there seems to be an increasing demand to develop SUV's to accommodate a consumers' safety, price value, usage purpose, and luxury needs to foster the constant change in consumer tastes and preferences. In order to satisfy these criteria, the ability to position the SUV correctly while targeting the appropriate consumers will determine the overall firm wide success in the future.

Due to staggering costs that are required in purchasing and maintaining a Land Rover, the target market to position their fleet of cars should be geared towards those who are more likely to afford the vehicle. In Exhibit 1, the average buyers for Land Rovers have incomes of at least $100, 000. This expensive and luxury brand association with Land Rover will nonetheless be instilled in the minds of consumers as the luxury car alternative that tackles any on/off-road challenges, while adapting and conforming with the constant change in trends, styles, and tastes of the typical American consumer.

Originally designed and marketed as a general-purpose vehicle that provided countryside workers with an efficient mean of transportation, there is now a new and untapped market opportunity for development and expansion to attract suburban and city dwellers to enter this market for SUV's. This market development to expand operations will penetrate into the largest automotive industry in the world, the United States. The growing demand to own a safe and dependable SUV to fulfill the needs of an average family of four to five is another great opportunity to quickly emerge as the leader into this market for SUV's. If Land Rover reacts quickly in an expansion plan for productions and operations, market domination can result from the foreseeable profitability in the long run.

Land Rover's image as having...