Landfill Gas Utilization and Application

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1. Scope

The report analyzes three common applications of landfill gas: power generation, vehicle fuel, and boiler fuel. In each part, comparison is made between the landfill gas approach and a conventional method. Conventional techniques such as coal-fired power generation, petroleum vehicles, and traditional boilers are compared to the equivalent utilization of landfill gas. Recommendations are made according to the superiority of the landfill gas approach over the conventional methods.

2. Background

As nonrenewable energy sources are exploited and the economy is more dependent of fuel and electricity, increasing concerns have been raised about the sustainability of energy sources. In order to maintain sustainability of our planet, research has been done to utilize renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind, and biomass from waste. This report will focus on the discussion of biogas from landfill as an energy source. The major problem with landfill gas is that it contains two greenhouse gases: methane and carbon dioxide.

By extracting methane, the major constituent in landfill gas, and utilizing it as an energy source, one can significantly reduce this greenhouse gas's impact to the environment. In January, 2004, as Canadian companies Intersan, Gaz Métro and Cascades announced a project that will allow landfill gas to power Cascades' fine paper plant in Saint-Jérôme, more attention has been drawn to the utilization of landfill gas. The project involves an investment of 2 million dollars from Cascades to convert its paper plant's power generation system while Intersan and Gaz Métro are responsible for converting landfill gas onsite and for providing underground pipelines for the distribution of gas, respectively. It is said that the project will demonstrate the energy potential and environmental advantages of landfill gas conversion, and it is a large step of the development of human's sustainable environment. Therefore it is desirable to...