How the landscape shaped Australia

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How the landscape shaped Australia

Poetry is an expressive way of describing something in great detail so that it creates a picture in the mind of the reader. In the poetry I read I could see two different feelings and views on the landscape in Australia. The two poems I read were "My Country" by Dorthea Mackellar, and "Drought" by William Ogilvie. Both poems both have important significance in the interest of landscapes.

In the first poem, "My Country", the writer discusses earth as a whole and the elements that make up the earth itself. The elements she chooses to discuss are the sky, any living things, animals, plants, trees, forests, bushes, ferns and gardens. Then she also mentions other elements, the land itself, mountains and rising plains. Then she describes earth's most important source of life, water. She mentions, rain, the seas, and floods. It pin points each element in great detail.

She describes living things in a very attractive way. For example, "The love of field and coppice, of green and shaded lands, of ordered woods and gardens (lines 1-3)." "The stark white ring-barked forests (line16)," and "We see the cattle die" (line 27)." She describes each element with color and texture. She gives you a vivid description of the land as well, to the point where you can picture it in your mind perfectly. For example, "A land of sweeping plains (line 10)," "Of rugged mountain ranges (line 11)," and "The sapphire-misted mountains." When she describes the source of water, it's as if you can feel it. "The steady, soaking rain (line 31)," "Of droughts and flooding plains." She made the elements of earth seem as pure as the day they were born.

In the poem the "Drought," the writer discusses a drought...