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COMPUTERS Computers are used everywhere in the world today. Computers can make almost any thing possible. Computers aren't just the kind you type on, computers are in cars, VCR's, watches, remote control vehicles, space crafts, planes, and etc. Now days almost every thing is a computer controlled.

A computer is a type of tool, it is a machine that reduces labor. It has high bolts of voltage that powers the computer. Just to name a few things that computers do, they make special affects in movies, monitor anesthesia in hospitals, control security systems, control telephones, and make price codes for groceries.

Computers have also made epic achievements and lunar landings possible and Computers help children learn to read. When computers first came out they were just calculators. Early computers did not have programing languages, instead they were wired for specific tasks and this wiring was called the program. To do a new task engineers changed the writing.

A personal computers main parts are a monitor, key board, hard drive, and a printer. The monitor is the screen that shows you the pitcher. The key board is the part that has letters and numbers and etc. on it that lets you type a message. A hard drive is the part that stores all your memory and holds all of your files and lets you program information. A printer is the part that lets you print your message on paper.