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what is language? Is it just a way to communicate to the people around us? The people all around us use language to convey messages. Everyday we use language, but do we ever stop to think what we are saying ? If stated in the correct phrase, language can be very useful to convey all sorts of thought. If stated incorrectly, language can back fire and leave a person feeling like a fool.

With all the "surprise"consonants, silent vowels, and similar sounding words, Language can be confusing. Take a look at all the word there, their, and they're. Each of these words sounds the same, but yet they mean different things and have different spellings. Until you understand the difference between these three words, they will confuse you. Most children that have trouble learning these three words but eventually they get the grasp.

Another type of word that gives us trouble is read, this word is spelled the same, but sounds differently depending on the context.

This also can be confusing at first, because of the similarity.

Different words may mean different things to different people take the words never and always for example, each of these words can be taken differently. In my opinion always mean one hundred percent of the time and never means zero percent of the time. On the other hand some people may take this as something different. In these types of examples language is left up to ones interpretation.

The examples I gave, show reasons why the English language is considered difficult to learn. There is so many different rules and exceptions to the rules, how can one fully understand the English language? Just when you believe you know the language, it creeps up on you and throws you curve balls.

Have you...