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Language is the organization of symbols. These symbols include but are not limited to, the sounds of spoken words, the written words, non verbal gestures, and contextual messages. Each language or system of symbols is part of at least one culture and possibly many different diverse cultures. The attitudes, values, and beliefs of these cultures shape how meanings are constructed. Words do practical work in our world. Words help us to accomplish many things and one can hardly imagine our world without words.

Another indispensable tool has been helping us communicate and increase our productivity. This tool has increased the amount of information available to us and allows us to work with that information in many different ways. This tool is a computer. It is what I am using now to compose this essay. Computers have increased human capacities to think and work. How? Let's explore the question of how computers have enhanced human capacities to think and work.

Computers have had a major impact on our world and therefore have impacted how we view our world. I will focus my comments on how I feel computers have impacted communication. I do so to avoid scope creep because the general question posed is much too broad to receive proper treatment in the 750 or so words I plan on committing to this discussion. What I will illuminate here will be how computers have; increased the number of ways we communicate, increased the scope of communication, increased the frequency or quantity of communication, and how it has impacted the quality of our communication.

How we communicate

With the advent of the computer we have seen several new means of communication. With the development of the computer a need developed to allow separate computers at various locations to be able to share...