Language and Critical Thinking Paper

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Language and Critical Thinking Paper

PHL 251

2 June 2004

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Language is important to our critical thinking. Being able to convey our messages in a clear fashion can determine whether we empower or limit our lives. We can be seen and not heard or we can learn to manipulate language to our advantage and be seen and heard.

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Language has three primary purposes to inform, persuade, and explain. Language is a powerful tool which influences how we think and problem solve. There are many forms and styles of language, such as, metaphors. Metaphors can bring color and depth to logical arguments, points of view or perspectives. Metaphors are important to critical thinking because they allow the listener to visualize the message. With metaphors you can deliver a message of power or softness depending on the audience that you are trying to reach.


this far flat space

land of long-distance sunsets

and storms that approach forever

along a darkened horizon

this Nebraska

wheat field flat

and home of the longest straight stretch

of highway anywhere

fifty-five miles without a bend

a place that stretches out your mind

moves you through time and space unobstructed


the place I was born into

in June burning like a comet

one hundred and sixteen degrees...

a powerful heat

unairconditioned memories of my Mother

who wrapped me in wet sheets just to ward off that swelter

no wonder I came out a little over-done.

Language is an essential form of communication. It allows people to convey and elaborate their perspective. Communication between individuals can occur in many ways, but the skill of communicating depends not only on the strength of one's vocabulary,