Language of "The Giver"

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Language in "The Giver"

In the following, I am going to talk about the language in Lois Lowry's novel "The Giver".

First off, as there are many Assignments, there is a kind of a personification for a certain one - the Birthmothers. A personifaction gives non-living objects human characteristics and a Birthmother can also be regarded as a "birthing machine", because their Assignment is to give birth to future members of Jonas' community.

Furthermore, the language shows the certain features and characteristics of the several members. For instance, Jonas' friend Asher can't control his usage of language which is settled to be precise and well-ordered. On the contrary to that, Jonas can control his language. It shows that Asher is more reckless and impetuous while Jonas is thoughtful and deliberate.

The Community has certain requirements for the language that is used. The requirements are all part of the concept of sameness which is the central aspect of the novel.

The sentences and the dialogues are written unemotionally (p. 36; ll. 21-26), especially in situations when the family talks about "the Stirrings".

Due to the naturally lead conversation between Jonas and his parents about "the Stirrings", it seems evident that the emotion of love is meaningless and the can be proved by looking at the language. Many words which are important in our world become meaningless in the community, particularly words with an emotional background, for example love, anger or pain. Taking pills to hold "the Stirrings" back, the members of the community are not aware how real emotions feel like.

In addition to that, the language is a rather straightforward narrative which is mostly written in an inornate way and reflects the life in the community very well - it is vapid and dull (because...