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John donne is a most remarkable of English poets. John donne use his language in different way in his poem.

--Metaphysics--john has been classified as metaphysical poet. donne has used metaphysics in his poem. Example--

-- Love poem--he wrote many love poems .the good morrow, sun rising, song. This poem is based on love.

--conceits--conceit is also the part of his language, which he used in his poem. In the song the whole of the first stanza contains a series of conceits. In the sun rising here the beloved in his bed represent both as spies and diamond mines.he also use his language of wit.

--Knowledge--expressing his language it proves that he a vast knowledge. Exp--seven sleepers den.

--Religious theme--not only he wrote the love poem but also he wrote the religious poem. Death poem is proved that he used his language in death poems very way as body and soul.

Which is pure after burning his soul by punishment from god. This is very different poem.

---Intellectual tone--in death be not proud here love and death is brought together. Death will open a way to the infinitive of love, which is not possible in physical existence. Also said death cheats the lovers of their joy.

--Argumentative-- the argument of the flea is directed towards more irreverent ends: in the poem the speaker is intent on convincing his lover that her reasons for keeping her virginity are foolish. To this end, donne uses in various argumentative twists and turns, the figure of the flea who has bitten the two lovers as they lie side by side in bed, and he concludes the poem by arguing that his lover's virginity means as little as a fleabite.

--Passion and thought-- donne is more passionate in the sun rising. Here the lover...