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"Is language really that important?" The basis of all things that happen, relies on the communication of every event within all things." (Chou Yong Phat- "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon") We as humans on this earth and in this world think, feel, and react according to our language and educated communication. If you were born not knowing what language was, not hearing it from other people, and not experiencing it within your environment, what would this world be like? Would it simply be an identical copy of what we know today, or would it be a "lost world," if you will. The effect of language on the human race has had impacts incomprehensible to the modern mind. What we know today is in fact because of our language, the use of that language, and the environmental changes necessary to survive because of language.

Where would this world be if there were no languages? Not necessarily America, or any in-peticular nation, but our earth, our existence, our known world that we use to survive and thrive off of.

It's a thought that ponders the minds of many teachers and professors everyday. Philosophically, we could learn to use our minds and react a certain way to get a separate reaction from the reactor we are trying to communicate with. Some paranorrmalists, and psychoanalysts believe that if the human race would have never been able to communicate with words and the known languages of the world, that currently used 10% of the brain would increase to an astonishing 35% or more. In theory, this means that our minds would evolve so much in so little time, that telepathic communication would be the norm in today's society.