the language of the soul

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Ceases to be heard

Beyond different emotions, lies a sweet melody and sometimes, words of passion bloom with it. It goes through the ear and moves deep within to reach the heart and touch the soul. The sound of it is heard everywhere in the world, the only difference is how each nation's rich culture developed its own style of dealing with and producing it.

It contains elements such as sweet melody, clear rhythm, attractive harmony, and organized form which arouses the soul when arranged in a wonderful, artistic and creative way. It can brighten emotions because it is like a sword that battles stress and depression that troubles its lovers. It is also a spark in gloomy paths that inspires its lovers to continue their lives' travel.

There are many rich and contrasting traditions of this around the world, some of which have blended to produce vibrant new forms.

Classical is known to be the source of different genres today. It is also known to be the most passionate era of this myth.

A single sound of it is called a note which complements the flow of emotion poured on it. Emotions are considered as its element because they can't produce an admirable product out of it if the creators don't give their heart on what they are working on. Love is the most common feeling that it conveys because this is the most inspiring mood a person could feel. A lot of wonderful works they created is out of love and persuaded listeners to feel the love which those works wanted to share. This was the romantic period, when love ruled the sound of the west world.

Lots of instruments are used to produce its shadows. Most fall into...