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Year 11 English

Book Review: Lani's Story

Draft Due Date: 9th August 2013 Date Due: 16th August 2013

Lani's Story follows a woman's experience of two relationships - one she has to escape to survive, and another she cannot survive without. It is a moving and intimate portrait of a young Aboriginal woman's journey from victim to victor, from a broken and violent relationship to discovering the redemptive power of love. Lani's Story also explores the impact of inter-generational violence within a family and community and how the courage of one person can transform the lives of others.The book is written by Hazel Flynn, with the help of Lani Brennan herself.

Australian biographical books are few and far between so Lani's Story is a welcome addition to the country's filmic representation of historical events. The depiction of extreme physical abuse, drug and alcohol abuse and sexual violence at such a young age provides modern audiences with a vital understanding of what life was like growing up in certain areas of Australia. Lani's story has also provided the country with insight and inspiration about these particular conflicts that many adolescents come across today. However, it is also a representation of a family riven by conflict and abuse that really underpins this book as a vulnerable Australian text. The book isn't afraid of exploring the issues of sexual, domestic and physical abuse and the use of alcohol and drugs by young kids.

Lani Brennan, a young woman of Aboriginal and Maori descent, was raised in an urban Aboriginal community in Sydney. Her childhood home was filled with love but alcoholism and violence was also part of life. By 13, she was in a cycle of drug and alcohol abuse herself. She ends up in...