A Large Flaw in Human Nature (Essay comparing/contrasting treatment of Native Americans and African Americans by the white people)

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A Large Flaw in Human NatureIt is both amazing and frightening to see how we, as human beings, are so easily influenced by the world around us. For example, take a close look at advertisements in the media, high status family names, or a scenario in which an individual is competing against the masses. The media throws commercials out in as many places as they can. Signs, billboards, radio announcements and television commercials plague our lives almost every hour of every day. And yet, these advertisements are what keep business flowing, because they influence people to buy whatever product is being sold. If a man from a wealthy, well-known family walks into a high-class restaurant and orders a table, is it not predictable that he will most likely be seated and probably even served before the regular Joe-schmo that walks in off the street? Or if an entire nation supported a policy and one person disagreed, would that person stand up against their government, friends, or family? Most likely not.

Two of the most gruesome, horrifying examples of this human flaw of being easily persuaded seem to fit hand in hand: United States enslavement of Africans and future African Americans, and the Holocaust. Though these two events are not the same, they have many distinct shared characteristics. Both began the same way. Someone came up with an idea - an awful idea - and it began to influence people's thinking that the idea

was right. The reasons for support may have been any number of things, but initially, both of these ideas gained power and followers. Both of these events occurred for the long duration that they did because people were afraid to speak out against the masses. People in highly-authorative positions supported these terrible acts. Both involved the killing...