Larry's Revenge Instructions: Write a creative comedic short story.

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Larry was a large kid. Actually, Larry was fat - at ten years old he weighed two hundred pounds. He had been pretty portly all his life, since the day he was born at twenty-five pounds. None of the kids had called Larry by his real first name since the first day of kindergarten. It was Danny Olean's fault. He had always been the ring leader of the boys in his class, and he was the one that started calling Larry "Lardy" and "Lard the 'Tard", to the point now that new kids thought his real name was Lardy Olard.

As a personal rule, Larry stayed inside during recess to help staple papers with Ms. Stinson. Ms. Stinson was too old and too deaf and had been through too many kids to care about why Larry never smiled. But Larry didn't care - he stayed inside because he didn't want Danny and his friends to chase him around the playground, or steal his thick-rimmed glasses, or put bumper stickers that said "Wide Load" on his butt like they did whenever they felt the need for a good laugh.

But sometimes Ms. Stinson would send Larry outside to clap the erasers. Whenever Larry went outside to clap the erasers he tried to hide behind the school dumpster to avoid everyone else, but he normally ended up inside the dumpster, courtesy of the Rattlesnake gang. All the boys in the Rattlesnake gang had older brothers in the Python gang, a real gang that stole cars and carved custom-made tattoos of snakes into each others' shoulders with knives, leaving puffy pale scars on their suntanned skins. The Rattlesnakes were like the Rainbows after the Ramones … a pathetic imitation. They used their sisters' eyeliners to give each other tattoos, tried to get Wednesday...