Las Vegas The Adult Amusement Park

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Through its physical characteristics, Las Vegas has a unique attraction that stimulates the desire to spend money and be someone else. Las Vegas skillfully sells the idea to the young and old crowds, that it is a place where fun and exciting things will happen for them. Anything can happen in Vegas. People know Vegas as a place where adults flock to everyday, by the thousands, to spend money. People travel there to enjoy themselves and escape the stresses of everyday life. In a way, they can pretend they are someone else for the weekend. Visitors can experience all of the things they normally would not do if they were back at home. A well-known author Jonathan Silverman, pointed out that, "the space that surrounds us says a number of things about that particular location." The majority of people that visit Las Vegas are from out of town mainly from the neighboring states, such as California and Arizona.

Many different social and economical classes merge in the small town of Las Vegas. The range spans from the working class and up, to the millionaires. Movie stars also frequently visit Las Vegas. Ages range from the early 20's and well into the 70's, and above.

Money is the main thing that the casinos invest in when visitors go to Las Vegas.The typical visitor in Las Vegas knows to plan on spending money, and a lot of it. All the casinos profit from it, but people remain indifferent. Casinos bring in millions of dollars on a daily basis.

Profits from the slot machines alone can pay for the casino's electricity bill. Las Vegas successfully attracts people with money. They welcome anyone who has it, although the more

money a gambler has the better. Many people, usually men, turn out to be...