The Last Abdu Show

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The Last Abdu Show On a hot, shiny summer day in Tunceli, Abdurrazak was ready for his radio show at the 11:00am. He was scheduled to be on air after the morning news for his show. Abdurrazak was a little nervous because this was his last chance to find favor in his boss's eyes. Mr. Kamil, his boss, thought Abdurrazak was a moron. According to Mr.Kamil, Abdurrazak chose boring topics all the time for his shows. This caused a decrease in numbers of the audience.

Therefore, Abdurrazak had to find an extraordinary theme to rescue his job.

These were hard days in Turkey. The economic crisis had affected everyone. Wages were dropping and, even worst, people were being fired.

Abdurrazak was aware of this situation. Last night he stayed up until midnight, trying to find a topic for tomorrow's show. At last, he decided that the life of Nikola Tesla would be an interesting discussion.

In the morning Abdurrazak arrived at the station; he was tense. He wasn't certain whether this would work. At last the show started. He pressed the play button and the background music started to play. He couldn't speak for a minute, and Mr.Kamil came in and shouted.

-Look, Abdurrazak, this job is done by talking.

-Yes, Mr.Kamil. I'm sorry, I'm little bit nervous today. Everything is okay.

He prayed to God and turned on the microphone.

-Good morning, to everyone. This is "Abdu Show" and you're listening 107.5, the Tunceli's Voice FM. Today we will talk about a scientist. A scientist about whom we don't know much. In our daily-life, we use his inventions all the time.

He's Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor and researcher who discovered the rotating magnetic field, the basis of alternating-current machinery. Hýmm"¦ Cute man, huh? This is what I know about him. Call me and tell me what you know about him. Now let's listen a song from Ac-Dc, "It's TNT".

Abdurrazak relaxed a little bit. He successfully passed the most important part. Now somebody must call and talk about the topic. The song was coming to the end. He became nervous. Finally the green lamp started to flash.

Somebody was calling. The song finished and he picked up the phone.

-Abdurrazak, good morning.

-Good morning. What's your name? -Emine. My name's Emine. I'm calling you from Sütlüce Village. This is my first time listening you. I wanted to call you, so I did.

-Do you have any questions or want say something about the topic? -No. Infect, who's he? -He's the greatest scientist of the world. He's our subject for today.

-Ohh, I see it's nice, but can you play a song from Tarkan? -No Emine, I'm sorry. I can't. May be next time Emine, bye.

Abdurrazak hung up the phone and started another song to play. The next caller was from Diyarbakýr.

-Hello, Abdurrazak, I love to listen you while I studying. You make me forget the topic. I hate studying.

-Yes, yes thank you very much. What's your question about Nikola.

-I want to learn how many girlfriends did Nikola have. Maybe he was like me. I want to know if I can be famous as he was.

-My friend, your question is irrelevant to our topic. Do you have another one? which is relevant to our topic? No one answered him. The caller was hung up the phone. Similar conversations continued throughout the show. The radio audience was interested in subjects other than Nikola Tesla.

This was Abdurrazak' last show. He's now a member of the unemployment line. He is expiating his incapability.